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Annual Examination-2023 Preparation

Annual Examination-2023 Preparation

Class: Four

Subject: English

         Read the passage below and answer the questions 1-5.

         My name is Alvi. I live in Dhaka, but my family is from Chilmary in Kurigram. My grandmother and many of my relatives still liv there. last June, I went to visit my grandmother, my uncle and cousins in chilmari.

         Their house is near the Jamuna River. My uncle is a fisherman. My grandfather was a fisherman, but he died about 10 years ago. I didn’t know him.

         When my sister and I visited chilmary in June we had so much fun! Our grandmother told us stories about our family and about the history of Bangladesh.

         My uncle caught a lot of fish. My favourite fish in “Chapila”. It’s a thin, white fish. It’s delicious! We helped our grandmother make the fish every night. We also made rice and vegetables.

         It was a very special trip. We talked with our relatives and learned about our family and our country. We also sang songs together

1.      Write the correct answer on your answer sheet.

         (i) What’s your name?

         (a) Rahim (b) Karim (c) Alvi (d) Rojob

         (ii) What was Alvi’s native village name?

         (a) Dhaka (b) Bogura (c) Narail (d) Chilmari in Kurigram

         (iii) What was Alvi’s grandfather?

         (a) banker (b) teacher (c) farmer (d) fisherman

         (iv) Where was Alvi came from?

         (a) Dhaka (b) Bogura (c) Chilmari (d) Narail

         (v) What did her grandmother tell them?

         (a) song (b) story (c) read (d) english

2.        Match the words in column ‘A’ with their meanings in column ‘B’. Two extra meanings are given in Column B.

Column AColumn B
(a) Family (b) Relatives (c) History (d) Learn (e) Trip(i) one who catches fish (ii) one who teaches students (iii) a group consisting of parents and their children. (iv) kith and kin. (v) past events (vi) to become aware of something (vii) a particular purpose of visit

3.      Fill in the blanks with the best word from the box. There are extra words which you need not use.


         (a) I live in —–.

         (b) but my family is —– Chilmari in Kurigram.

         (c) I —– to visit my grandmother.

         (d) I didn’t —– him.

         (e) It was a very —– trip.

4.      Read the following statements and write true or false. If false give the correct answer.

         (a) The family of Alvi is from Dhaka.

         (b) Alvi’s grandmother’s houses is near the Meghna.

         (c) Alvi’s grandfather died about 10 years ago.

         (d) His grandmother told them ghost stories.

         (e) Alvi’s favourite fish is “Ilish”.

5.      Answer the following questions.

         (a) When did Alvi and his sister go to their native village?

         (b) Write the two River names?

         (c) How many years ago did Alvi’s grandfather.

         (d) What was Alvi’s grandfather?

         (e) What did his grandmother tell them?

6.      Rearrange the words in appropriate order to make meaningful sentences. (Make sure you put a capital letter at the start and full stop or question mark at the end)

         (a) very, likes, much, her, she, job.

         (b) means, light, red, stop, a.

         (c) means, a, down, light, yellow, slow.

         (d) here, hospital, there, a , is.

         (e) car, overtake, that, don’t.

7.      Write a short composition about on “A trip” that you made. Write at least five sentences to the topic, remember to use capital letters, punctuation, correct spelling.

         (a) Where do they travel?

         (b) Why we need travel?

         (c) What is travel?

         (d) Write in three sentences traveling refreshes of the mind.

8.      Make Wh questions from the underlined words/ statements.

         (a) Ratna Parvin is a housewife.

         (b) She enjoys Sewing.

         (c) Saikat reads English book.

         (d) Saikat watches cartoon everyday.

         (e) He was born in Tungipara.

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